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30 dezembro, 2008

209) Livro sobre a Rodada Doha e a reforma agricola

Delivering on Doha: Farm Trade and the Poor
Kimberly Ann Elliott
Washington, DC: Peterson Institute, 2006, 148 p.
ISBN 0881323926, 9780881323924

It is frequently asserted that agricultural liberalization by the United States, European Union, and other rich countries is the key to making the global trade negotiations launched in Doha, Qatar, in 2001 a "development round." Agricultural market liberalization is essential in achieving a successful Doha Round agreement because these are the most protected markets remaining in most rich countries. But the implications for developing countries, especially the poorest, are more complex than the current debate suggests. This volume examines the structure of agricultural support in rich countries and explores the challenges as well as opportunities that developing countries might face if the Doha Round succeeds in reforming OECD agriculture policies.

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Introduction, 1
Doha Round, Cairns Group, developing countries Rich Countries Supporting Rich Farmers, 13
OECD, European Union, TRQs Lessons from US and European, 35
OECD, blue box, countercyclical Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries. 63
World Bank, Bangladesh, cocoa The Devil in the Doha Details, 91
countercyclical, blue box, food aid
Delivering on Dohas Promise, 115

Glossary, 133