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03 novembro, 2008

204) Brazil since 1930: Cambridge History last volume

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Paulo Roberto de Almeida

New book: The Cambridge History of Latin America Volume IX: Brazil since 1930

The Cambridge History of Latin America Volume IX: Brazil since 1930 - the final volume of the 12-volume History edited by Leslie Bethell - has been published by Cambridge University Press.

Part I Politics:
1. Politics in Brazil under Vargas 1930–1945
Leslie Bethell
2. Politics in Brazil under the Liberal Republic 1945–1964
Leslie Bethell
3. Politics in Brazil under military rule 1964-85
Leslie Bethell and Celso Castro
4. Politics in Brazil 1985-2002
Leslie Bethell and Jairo Nicolau

Part II Economy and Society:
5. The Brazilian economy 1930–1980
Marcelo de Paiva Abreu
6 The Brazilian economy 1980–1994
Marcelo de Paiva Abreu
7. The Brazilian economy 1994-2004: an interim assessment
Marcelo de Paiva Abreu and Rogerio L. F. Werneck
8. Brazilian society: continuity and change 1930–2000
Nelson do Valle Silva
Each chapter is accompanied by a bibliographical essay.

ISBN: 978-0-521-39524-3
Hardback/632 pages
2008/List: $150.00

The Cambridge History of Latin America
Edited by Leslie Bethell
Complete 12-Volume Set
ISBN: 978-0-521-51596-2
12 Hardbacks/10,325 pages
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