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24 maio, 2007

106) Expansao maritima portuguesa

Um livro a conferir:

Portuguese Oceanic Expansion, 1400–1800
Edited by Francisco Bethencourt
University of London
Diogo Ramada Curto
European University Institute, Florence
Cambridge University Press, 2007, Hardback
(ISBN-13: 9780521846448)


List of Contributors page ix
Foreword by Norman Fiering xi
Preface by Francisco Bethencourt and Diogo Ramada Curto xv
Reference Maps xvii
Introduction 1
Francisco Bethencourt and Diogo Ramada Curto
Translated by Neil Safier
Part I. Economics and Society
1 The Economy of the Portuguese Empire 19
Stuart B. Schwartz
2 Costs and Financial Trends in the Portuguese Empire, 1415–1822 49
Jorge M. Pedreira
3 Markets and Merchant Communities in the Indian Ocean: Locating the Portuguese 88
Michael N. Pearson
4 The Economic Network of Portugal’s Atlantic World 109
Luiz Felipe de Alencastro
Translated by Marguerite Itamar Harrison
5 The Portuguese in Africa 138
John K. Thornton
Part II. Politics and Institutions
6 Patterns of Settlement in the Portuguese Empire, 1400–1800 161
A. J. R. Russell-Wood
7 Political Configurations and Local Powers 197
Francisco Bethencourt
8 Ecclesiastical Structures and Religious Action 255
Isabel dos Guimarães Sá
Part III. The Cultural World
9 Portuguese Expansion, 1400–1800: Encounters, Negotiations, and Interactions 283
Anthony Disney
10 Portuguese Imperial and Colonial Culture 314
Diogo Ramada Curto
11 Language and Literature in the Portuguese Empire 358
Luís de Sousa Rebelo
12 The Expansion and the Arts: Transfers, Contaminations, Innovations 390
Luís de Moura Sobral
13 Science and Technology in Portuguese Navigation: The Idea of Experience in the Sixteenth Century 460
Francisco Contente Domingues
Translated by Neil Safier
Part IV. The Comparative Dimension
14 Portuguese Expansion in a Global Context 480
Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Index 513