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05 abril, 2006

33) Não é piada: Enclopédia da Pobreza custa US$ 400...

Vejam este anúncio:

Encyclopedia of World Poverty
Edited by: Mehmet Odekon (Skidmore College)
Hardcover: 1412918073
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Estimated Pub Date: 05/2006
Pages: 1500 (3 vols.)

Poverty is more than just lack of income, it is deprivation from basic capabilities, rights, and freedoms that provide individuals the necessary choices and opportunities they need to lead a life they value. The Encyclopedia of World Poverty provides extensive and current information, as well as insight into the contemporary debate on poverty. The three volumes of this state-of-the-art Encyclopedia contain over 800 original articles written by more than 125 renowned scholars. The entries contributing to this work explore poverty in various regions of the world, and examine the difficulties associated with the definition and measurement of poverty, along with its causes and effects.

Key Features:
* Examines the geographic, political, social, cultural, and other economic characteristics of 191 countries and provides current vital statistics on poverty such as the mortality, disease, literacy, and illiteracy rate for each country
* Addresses the various definitions and measurement techniques of poverty and includes each country’s ranking according to the Human Development Index and the Human Poverty Index, whenever available
* Looks at potential causes of poverty, ranging from discrimination to climate factors such as drought and famine, as well as the potential effects of poverty including vulnerability, insecurity, powerlessness, social exclusion and disqualification, and stigmatization
* Acknowledges the importance of various associations combating poverty such as Civil Society Organizations, Secular Charities, Religious Charities, and Non-Governmental Organizations

The Encyclopedia of World Poverty is an authoritative and rigorous source on poverty and related issues, making it a must-have reference for all academic libraries.

Agora vejam o preço:
List Price: $395.00


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